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About Kirk & Donny

Dr.Kirk Prine

Kirk PrineDr. Kirk Prine  brings unique gifts, skills and experience to being a Body Story Expert.
Rich in awakenings, Kirk's own story as a sexual abuse survivor and thriver allowed him to develop extraordinary gifts of listening and seeing beyond what is apparent.
Mystical experiences and learning in the Behavioral Sciences have grounded Kirk as a healer in "The Missing Thread", which teaches the wisdom to set you free resides in the body.

Kirk's 5 years in Seminary/Bible College Training and 7 years in graduate studies taught him to ask questions about holistic healing that few people were willing to ask. Exploring across spiritual traditions and gathering the best scientific understandings of how healing takes place has been Kirk's purpose and passion.
This was demonstrated significantly during Kirk's 17 year practice as a psychotherapist where he constantly faced hundreds of clients and friends with AIDS. By exploring the question of why 3-10% of people never die from a life-threatening disease enabled Kirk to weave together a methodology of healing and success that applies to anyone who is challenged in their expression of health,wealth,relationships and/or purpose.

By listening to the body Kirk healed himself of the "stories" that held him back. In addition, his training  as a Certified Massage Therapist, Traditional Reiki Master and Ritualist has added to the skill set he blends with Donny to bring liberation to their clients.


Donny Lobree

Donny LobreeDonny brings much of his eclectic life experiences into being a Body Story Expert.

Donny is a midwife to the dying, vibrational sound healer, violinist/violist,  yoga teacher, Reiki master, massage therapist, linguist, world traveler and author.

Born in Mexico, but raised in California, Donny knew from the beginning that he wanted to travel and heal.  He uncovered a passion for helping people "transit" in their dying process as a midwife to the dying. He found his channeled violin/viola music assisted in that healing.

Donny's heart opened and consciousness expanded in a series of profound mystical experiences.

He received, as he puts it, a "letter from God" at the age a 17 which created in him a great hunger to learn languages.  Today, he speaks and studies about 12 languages which allows him to be a bridge-builder to people he works with.

 Just a few years ago, while playing his violin for people with Alzheimers, Donny had a vision of seeing the face of Christ in one of the residents.  This inspired him to found, among other things, a service ministry known as "The Order of the Pink Velvet Ear Greeters. The Greeters don their Pink Bunny habits, go into the streets to say "hello" to people and see in them the face of The Beloved.

As Donny explains, all these mystical experiences have one important thing in common:  they were all activations felt through the body.  All these experiences laid down the foundation of his current work as a Body Story Expert.

For those who know Donny, his joy and child-like nature are great gifts.
This innocent nature is demonstrated by his devotion to his stuffed animals.  One day he felt inspired that some of the stuffed animals wanted to tell their stories.  His first published book, based on a real life experience, is entitled "How The Waif Bunny Saved The Boy. It is a heart-opening story of courage and facing fears in which  a small stuffed bunny saves a gravely-ill boy.

Donny's skills and life experience call people to liberation and joy.



Dr. Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree

Kirk and DonnyKirk and Donny met on the internet in 2004 and were married in 2006.
Neither was looking for a deep relationship but were surprised by how it turned out.   When they started thinking about moving in together, Kirk's house conveniently burned down (yes, no kidding) which facilitated the the elegant transition.

Besides sharing a love that, they believe, has extended over many lifetimes, Kirk and Donny share deep values including community and freeing the oppressed and disenfranchised of the world.  Together, they practice the Ecstatic Path of Joy and Service. 

Clients repeatedly say Kirk and Donny are two of the safest men they know.

Kirk and Donny's  skills hold a space for you to make big transformations.